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Aurélie Guéant (Luminao)

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With Luminao, Aurélie Guéant has found her calling: to offer compassionate support to individuals and teams in unlocking their full potential. Boasting 20 years of corporate experience, she now employs her listening and empathetic skills towards personal development. Her method combines intuition, emotional exploration, and concrete action. The goal: to help everyone regain self-confidence and motivation.

Aurélie’s journey shows true coherence. After 15 years in executive roles at Danone and Sodexo, she decided to give new meaning to her career. The path of assistance was clear. She then trained in coaching and various approaches: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), transactional analysis, emotional intelligence. With Luminao, launched in 2019, she finally merged personal and professional fulfillment.

As a benevolent leader, Aurélie primarily creates an atmosphere conducive to self-expression. Through her active listening skills, she helps articulate feelings and gain clarity. Her interventions blend subtlety and pragmatism, fostering awareness and initiating positive changes. She stimulates thought through skillful questioning and a keen sense of human connection.

Her coaching specializations reflect her desire to aid personal growth: self-confidence, self-esteem, letting go, balancing personal and professional life… Her sessions, lasting one to two hours and offered in cycles of 5 to 10 according to needs, utilize practical tools to develop psycho-emotional skills.

In her individual coaching sessions, Aurélie helps you overcome obstacles, regain self-esteem, and realign with your deep aspirations.

In professional transition? Seeking meaning? Facing personal challenges? She guides you with empathy towards greater clarity. Her relational qualities and optimism aid in regaining confidence and momentum.

In her team interventions, she fosters cohesion, collective intelligence, and new dynamics. Through enhanced interpersonal communication, groups achieve higher performance in a serene environment. Aurélie optimizes interactions to bring out the best in everyone within a collective.

Behind her gentle and caring demeanor is a person of conviction who has found her path: to unveil human potential through tailor-made coaching that blends emotions and pragmatism. Aurélie offers authentic coaching to realign you with your deepest aspirations.

Check out her French Oracle “Les Femmes Solaires



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