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An Adventure Born of Freedom

Imagine leaving behind a well-ordered life in France, with a stable job, a fixed home, and all the comforts you could desire, for an endless journey with no ties. This is what Hiel and her family did in 2016. Driven by an indomitable desire for freedom, they chose to break free from the chains of consumer society, to renounce debts and loans, and to venture into the unknown. “Living each day as it comes and deciding where we want to be at any moment was our ideal of freedom,” Hiel shares with us.

The Revelation of Sensitivity

If choosing a wandering life was a break from the past for Hiel, it was also a rebirth. Long imprisoned by agoraphobia, she knows better than anyone the value of the newly acquired freedom. “I run everywhere, I explore, I meet people. Each different place is a new scene where I discover myself a little more,” she passionately recounts. It’s not just the geographical movement that excites her, but also the inner journey she undertakes every day. She is a great dreamer, an artist of the soul who finds fulfillment in creation.

From Dream to Reality

This journey has also been a learning path for Hiel, a self-taught soul. Armed with a camera, she began filming precious moments, exotic landscapes, shared smiles. Her talents as a videographer came to life along the way, first as a hobby, then as a calling. “I filmed my sister’s wedding, then birthdays, and businesses. I realized I could be useful while doing what I love,” Hiel explains.

The Digital Cartomancer

And today? Hiel is more than a nomad, more than a video editor, she is also your spiritual guide. Through cartomancy, she uses her love of cards and her sensitivity to illuminate your paths with Messaj. “I see cartomancy as an extension of my journey, a new way to connect with people, to give and to receive,” she says with a sparkle in her eyes.

Take the first step towards discovering yourself. Contact Hiel for a cartomancy session that might just be the start of your own journey.

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