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Alexandra (As de Lune)

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Alexandra is French, from the dawn of her adolescence, she felt a mystical attraction to the captivating world of cartomancy. At the pivotal age of 16, when conventional studies failed to spark her interest, she found herself irresistibly drawn to the 78 arcana of the Tarot de Marseille. This passion was more than mere curiosity; it was a quest for meaning, a need to explore beyond the conventional, leading her to an intuitive understanding of this ancient art. For Alexandra, discovering cartomancy wasn’t happenstance but the result of a deep spiritual resonance. A decisive turn occurred following an intense emotional shock: her abilities suddenly expanded, opening a new door in her life. It was during the troubled period of COVID that she drew inspiration to create “As de Lune,” her first oracle, a work born from a moment of personal transformation and revelation.

Throughout her journey, a defining moment emerged, illuminating her path: the warm and positive feedback from her guidances. These moments of acknowledgment shone like shooting stars, affirming her true calling. For Alexandra, each card reading is a sacred ceremony, an opportunity to bring hope and comfort. She resonates particularly with the Star card, symbolizing an inextinguishable light that persists even in the soul’s darkness. In her sessions, heart-related questions take precedence, revealing her natural empathy and ability to navigate tenderly and understandingly through the emotional complexities of human existence.

In her garden of experiences, she recalls a surprising prediction: an unexpected pregnancy for a subscriber. The latter, far from the idea of motherhood at the time, found herself facing such an event, precisely as Alexandra had perceived through the cards.

In the creative buzz of the online world, Alexandra has established a haven where her art takes tangible and accessible form. On Etsy, this vibrant platform dedicated to craftsmanship and originality, she offers her lovingly and intuitively crafted oracles. Each oracle available in her Etsy shop is a piece of art, a fragment of her soul, infused with her passion for cartomancy. Thus, her oracles find their way to those seeking guidance and inspiration, offering them a piece of the cosmos within reach.

She was also among the first to integrate Messaj, depositing digital versions of her oracles. These digital creations are open windows into her world, allowing her ancestral art to touch the hearts of a much wider audience. Her online presence is marked by gentle consistency, a regular shower of guidance and advice that nourishes and strengthens the precious bond woven with her community.

Alexandra contemplates the future of cartomancy with eyes full of dreams and innovations. Her spirit, harmoniously aligned with the digital world’s pulsations, foresees a future where artificial intelligence blends with the mystical essence of cartomancy. She envisions a world where technology is not an obstacle but a bridge to unexplored territories of this age-old art, broadening its horizons and deepening its mysteries.

In the cosmos of cartomancy, Alexandra, under her pen name As de Lune, shines like a guiding star. Her path, forged in the forge of autodidactism and fueled by a devouring passion, is a beacon for those seeking to navigate life’s often turbulent waters, guided solely by the cards. She sows seeds of inspiration in her wake, illuminating the path for future generations of cartomancers, inviting them to embrace both the traditional roots and innovative buds of this ancient practice.

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