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Solar Women Oracle

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The Solar Women Oracle is a simple and powerful tool connected to the energies of the moon, designed to support women who are searching for themselves, who dare not be themselves, and who feel stuck in a life that does not suit them.

Comprising 44 beautifully illustrated cards, this oracle helps you reconnect with your feminine solar essence. Each card represents a quality or character trait of the solar woman. When you draw a card at random, it sheds light on an aspect of yourself to develop or strengthen.

The cards come with an explanatory booklet that provides the precise meaning of each solar feminine archetype. It offers keys to integrating the qualities revealed by the cards into your daily life. The Solar Women Oracle thus serves as a guide to becoming the best version of yourself.

Among the solar figures, some cards symbolize audacity and creativity. Others represent courage and perseverance. Some teach to love oneself before loving others. Others invite change and adventure.

Some cards connect to spirituality and intuition. Others cultivate quiet strength. Some vibrate with joy and energy to live one’s dreams. Others affirm deep convictions. And some connect to imagination and daydreaming…

Each of these solar women constitutes a facet of yourself. Drawing cards at random allows emerging qualities to be highlighted in your life. The associated advice guides you to fully embody these archetypes.

Easy to use, the Solar Women Oracle proves to be a valuable ally for your current inquiries. Formulate your request, then draw one or more cards according to your intuition. Let the images and messages speak to you.

This oracle opens your horizon to the brightest aspects of yourself. It reconnects you with your sacred feminine essence and empowers you to be who you really are.

The Solar Women embody the values of the sacred feminine: strength, courage, creativity, unconditional love, generosity, wisdom… Their light invites you to shine in turn and walk with your head held high on your path of life.

So call upon the Solar Women when you feel the need! Their subtle magic will touch you and reveal luminous aspects of yourself. Unleash your sacred femininity to become the fulfilled woman you deserve to be!

This Oracle is available in 2 formats.

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