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Karine (Fleur de vie Cadeaux)

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Karine is the founder of “Fleur de vie”, a sole proprietorship that combines her 20 years of experience in commerce with her passion for minerals, spirituality, and well-being. She regards this professional project as her “third baby.” Karine is committed to providing quality service to her customers, from product presentation in-store to meticulous order delivery.

Having been involved with semi-precious stones and minerals for about two decades, she has developed an artisanal jewelry brand named “Océanie Créations.” This experience has given her an in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of semi-precious stones and ensures the quality and authenticity of the products in her store.

Karine also has a fondness for divinatory arts, meditation, spirituality, and well-being, which she discovered after a radical life change due to health issues. She believes meditation saved her and wishes to share this world of consciousness and spiritual awakening through her business.

Her journey is supported by her family, especially her partner, who is nearing the end of his training to become an Ayurvedic therapist. He assists her particularly in product photography. Additionally, she is accompanied by her “mascot,” Ivana, a Cavalier King Charles.

On Messaj, you can find her Oracles in digital format.

The Oracle of
Les Ailes de Raphaël

The Oracle of
l’Union Sacrée

The Oracle of
Lumières d’Inanna

Tarot La Magie
de L’imaginaire

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