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The Oracle of Lalie

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A Renaissance Born from Adversity

Lalie’s life was what many would call “ordinary” until a breast cancer diagnosis in April 2022 turned her world upside down. What could have been a downfall transformed into a period of convalescence and deep introspection, where the urge to create became paramount. “The need to express myself, to be freed, was overwhelming,” Lalie shares. In this emotionally charged context, the Oracle of Lalie was born, a product of hard work but, above all, an immense sense of liberation.

The Inspiration Behind the Name

Why “Lalie”? Lalie is just the little nickname her close ones have given her for a very long time. 🙂

A Fusion of Cultures and Faces

Lalie desired her oracle to celebrate women worldwide. From Turkish, Scandinavian, Arab, Asian, Mongolian, African, Indian to Native American representations, each card is a tribute to the beauty of diversity. “I want all women to see themselves and feel represented,” she insists.

The Art of Creation

The cards are not mere generic illustrations; many are based on actual photos of Lalie’s family. Altered through digital collage techniques, they capture the essence without revealing identity. It’s her way of merging her personal world with the spiritual universe she is creating.

An Invitation to Inner Journey

She hopes the Oracle of Lalie will bring you joy, reflection, and perhaps even healing. “I put my whole heart into these cards. If they can bring even a fraction of the liberating energy I felt in creating them, then my mission will be accomplished.”

Ready to explore your inner journey through the Oracle of Lalie? Take the first step towards this enriching experience waiting to share its light and colors with you.

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