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False Psychics on TikTok: Behind the Illusion, What Drives These Impostors?

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The allure of fortune-telling remains strong, especially among teenagers seeking guidance in our complex lives. While traditionally, psychics operated in private settings, a new trend is buzzing on social media, particularly TikTok. Profiles claiming to be psychics or mediums are proliferating. However, it’s challenging to distinguish between genuine gifts and mere impostures amidst glamorous videos and enticing predictions. Some don’t hesitate to promise wonders in exchange for likes and subscriptions. But beware of scams! Here’s a breakdown of a phenomenon that can quickly become dangerous.

A Real Craze Among Teenagers

It’s undeniable that these fake psychics have captivated TikTok’s adolescent generation. Their popularity is skyrocketing, with videos gathering not just thousands but often millions of views. This impressive reach is partly due to the production quality of these videos. They skillfully combine visually appealing elements with mysterious esoteric codes, sparking curiosity and stimulating the imagination of young viewers.

Furthermore, these supposed psychics know exactly how to attract teenagers. They offer alluring predictions about love, wealth, and happiness – universal themes that resonate particularly with an audience in the midst of identity searches and lacking clear direction. By combining these elements, they manage to create a massive buzz, making them prominent figures on the platform.

A Calculated Marketing Strategy

A careful analysis of these videos reveals a cleverly orchestrated marketing strategy. These impostors, understanding current trends, exploit our deepest fears and insecurities – be it the fear of loneliness, anxiety about infidelity, or concerns over financial issues. They use these fears to instill a sense of urgency and necessity.

By playing on these emotions, they lead us to believe that a miraculous solution is within reach, whether in the form of miraculous predictions or quick fixes to our problems. And all this often in exchange for a modest sum of money or a simple subscription to their channel. Their content is meticulously crafted, with thoughtful staging, seductive lighting, and persuasive scripts, all designed to deceive and exploit their often young and impressionable audience.

Real and Dangerous Deviations

Beyond the dashed hopes, some of these charlatans pose a real danger. According to a study in the United States, online financial scams attributed to fake psychics have increased by 30% since 2019. Worse, some unscrupulous individuals exert genuine psychological influence over their vulnerable followers, potentially leading to cult-like behaviors.

So, how can we spot these impostors? Organizations like UNADFI provide keys: be wary of overly precise or enticing predictions, avoid those who insist on payment… And maintain a critical mind! If these fake profiles thrive, it’s by exploiting our legitimate quest for guidance. Let’s not allow them to pervert this ancient art for their greed. Serious fortune-telling aims to enlighten with empathy and disinterest. And that, no algorithm can create!

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